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Water Sling Features

Etc. Water Sling: it has no shoulder padding, but the fabric is still sewn together to make a shoulder.  It now has 2 layers of fabric so that it works better out of the water.  You can check out the other features: two narrow  tails, nylon rings, one shoulder hold, two shoulder hold, and curved seam below the rings at Etc. Sling Features.

        DSC05481 2.JPG (10803 bytes)      DSC05479 2.JPG (10530 bytes)

Water Ring Sling Pouch: check out the one wide tail, nylon rings, one shoulder hold, pouch, and 2 layers of mesh.  You can also check out Ring Sling Pouch Features for more pictures.

DSC05489 2.JPG (12653 bytes)   DSC05488 2.JPG (14681 bytes)   DSC05493 2.JPG (9175 bytes)   DSC05485 2.JPG (21985 bytes)


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