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Water Sling

Wondering if you need a Water Sling?  You do if this Baby Blues cartoon sounds familiar!

WATER SLING  $45 (choose from the Etc. Sling or Ring Sling Pouch or Ring Sling Pooch)

This quick drying sling is perfect for the pool or shower!  It doesn't have any padding to slow drying and is made of mesh poly or cotton material.  Check out the Water Sling Features!

***Now made with two layers***
It may take a little more time to dry, but it works better for time spent out of the water.

Ordering is easy!  Choose your fabric from below and go to the order page.  
See them in use on the Slinging Pictures page!

You can also write Erin to ask any questions. 

            Etc. Sling                                        Ring Sling Pouch                        1-Layer Ring Sling Pouch**

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**The 1-layer Ring Sling Pouch is perfect for someone with a shoulder injury.  It gives support to the shoulder and lets them wash through the mesh.  It's easy to put on and lets them shower independently sooner than conventional unsupportive shower slings.  This is a picture of my Mom using hers after shoulder surgery.  It worked great!

Water Sling Fabrics

Poly Mesh: Red with Pattern, Navy Striped, Black, Gray Striped, Navy, Forest Green Striped, Neutral, Purple, and Gray, Blue Rainbow, Teal, Red, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Slate Blue, Silver, Soft Navy.

NOTE: Poly Mesh fabric holds best when wet. You may need to rethread the material through the rings to prevent slipping if wearing when dry, though having two layers helps a lot.  It is the same material sometimes used for gym shorts.

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Cotton Mesh: Black Cotton, Blue Cotton, Cream Cotton.

DSC05374 2.JPG (8763 bytes)    Blue cotton mesh.JPG (14275 bytes)    Cream.JPG (48709 bytes)


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