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Twin Etc. Sling Features

Here are the main features of the Twin Etc. Sling.

bulletTwo wider tails: 25"-30" wide

DSC06498.JPG (1256691 bytes)  DSC06513.JPG (1057622 bytes)

bulletCan be used with one or two children

DSC06505.JPG (1189749 bytes) DSC06507.JPG (1245123 bytes) DSC06504.JPG (1266720 bytes) DSC06509.JPG (1145260 bytes)

bulletCan be used for one or two shoulder holds

DSC06496.JPG (1207995 bytes) DSC06506.JPG (1122638 bytes) DSC06501.JPG (1145007 bytes)

bulletTails adjust separately or together for just the right fit for both babies

DSC06502.JPG (1261835 bytes)

bulletTails are sewn in a pouch style to make it easier to get children secure.

  DSC06499.JPG (1435978 bytes) DSC06500.JPG (1055083 bytes)  

bulletPerfect Pocket, Toy Loops and different stitches to make it easy to see which rail to tighten.  

     DSC06511.JPG (1223121 bytes)  

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