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Twin Etc. Sling

Twin Etc. Sling 1 month old twins.JPG (10313 bytes)  Twin Sling 1.JPG (96917 bytes) Hillary and Hannah Twin Sling.JPG (41649 bytes)   BW Twin Etc. Sling 1 month old twins.JPG (16082 bytes)

THE TWIN ETC. SLING   $60  (price includes written instructions and a video CD until they are online).

Check out the Sling Instruction Videos! 

As an identical twin, I hope that this will help all you parents of twins!  This sling is unique as it can work for one or two at a time.  Check out the features!

bulletIncludes the Perfect Pocket (half open pocket, half zipper pocket, Toy Loops, and different stitches on each rail to make it easy to tell which rail to tighten.  See the features.
bulletTwo wider tails: 25"-30" wide
bulletCan be used with one or two children, even if different sizes (see picture above of 4 month & 4 yr. old)
bulletCan be used for one or two shoulder holds
bulletTails adjust separately or together for just the right fit for both babies
bulletTails are sewn in a pouch style to make it easier to get children secure.
bulletYou may choose to add extra tail length to have enough to bring the tails around to the front to tie around the babies. This offers more back support as babies get heavier.
bulletCan help you to wear twins with just one sling.
bulletFeatures include toy loops, different stitching on each rail, and the perfect pocket.

Ordering is easy!  Choose your fabric from below and go to the order page!

Check out the Slinging Pictures!

You can also write Erin with any questions.

Since this sling has two wide tails, there are some fabrics that will work better than others.  If you want some help, just email me with your preferences (colors/patterns that you like/dislike) and I can let you know what I have that will work well!  Keep in mind that "stretchy" fabrics are not recommended for this sling. 

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