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There are more added all of the time!  Click on the small picture to see more detail!
(If you right click, you can open them in a new window).

Want to order a sling?

I've described them as best as I can: cotton, polyester (poly), and blend (polyester and cotton). 

  Pink with dots.JPG (10987 bytes)    Pink, Green, and Cream Stripes Cotton.JPG (9721 bytes)    Pink with Dragonflies and Ladybugs.JPG (8556 bytes)    

Pink with flowers cotton.JPG (35587 bytes)    Pink Camo. Cotton.JPG (6559 bytes)    Pink surfboards cotton.JPG (15989 bytes)    

Orange with blue and yellow flowers.JPG (18380 bytes)    DSC06460 2.JPG (11348 bytes)    Harvest Stripes Cotton.JPG (34326 bytes)    Peach stripes.JPG (36952 bytes)

DSC06456 2.JPG (12020 bytes)    DSC08058 purple flowers.JPG (15822 bytes)    Purple stripes and Flowers Cotton.JPG (38494 bytes)    

Navy with Gold Butterflies Cotton.JPG (70792 bytes)    Blue, Coral, Green and Tan Stripes Cotton.JPG (12131 bytes)    Blues and Multiple Stripes Cotton.JPG (34942 bytes)    Blue with Teal and Lime Flowers Cotton.JPG (53499 bytes)

Olive Brown with Dark Velvet Flower Pattern Cotton Little Stretch.JPG (15437 bytes)    DSC05663 2.JPG (12086 bytes)    Garden Cotton.JPG (17451 bytes)   Green with pink, orange, & lime stripes cotton.JPG (12788 bytes)    Lime Green with Butterflies and Polka Dots Cotton.JPG (12070 bytes)

   DSC06422 2.JPG (7013 bytes)    Brown and Cream Stripes Cotton.JPG (11659 bytes)    DSC00272.JPG (18346 bytes)

  Silver Reptile Poly Little Stretch.JPG (33514 bytes)     DSC05854 2.JPG (9372 bytes)    DSC03121 2.JPG (12009 bytes)     Gray with reptile print.JPG (21221 bytes)    Black and White Stripes Cotton Little Stretch.JPG (53622 bytes)   

Black Weave with Lime Threads Cotton.JPG (64125 bytes)    Metallic Stripes Poly.JPG (40324 bytes)    Black with pink and green polka dots cotton.JPG (28007 bytes)    black and cream leaf pattern.JPG (20460 bytes)    DSC00440_Cow_Cotton.JPG (9973 bytes)   


Slings, Towels, Car Seat Coats, and More!