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Fleece Slippers
Fleece and Flannel Burp Cloths
Pacifier Clips

Fleece Ponchos

Fleece Slippers: $4/pair or 2 for $7
I have four sizes on hand, but can make others to order.  The patterns that are available may vary.  These slippers are great for staying on and even keeping socks from falling off!  Make them non-skid by writing on the bottom with puff paint--think how cute they would be personalized with your little one's name!  
Email Erin to order with the size and pattern preference.

Small (0-6 mo.):

Medium (6-12 mo.):

Large (12-24 mo.):

X-Large (2-3T):

Fleece and Flannel Burp Cloths:    3 for $10
Contoured Burp Cloths are soft and pretty and Flannel adorned Cloth Diapers are very absorbent!  
Email Erin to order.

Pacifier Clips:

Uses a suspender clip to attach to child's clothing and Velcro to attach to the pacifier.
A variety of ribbons are available.  (Does not include a pacifier.)
Fleece Ponchos:        $30  Sizes 3T-4T, 5-6, 7-8 available
These ponchos are two-layered and reversible.  The layers snap together or each can be used separately.  
Includes a hood and pockets (to hold items or cold hands!)  
Write Erin with fabric and size needed.

Fabrics vary.  Email for options at the time of purchase.
Paisley teal resized.JPG (34688 bytes)    Solid teal resized.JPG (27458 bytes)
Why a poncho instead of a coat?  The back of the poncho can be left up over the car seat and the car seat straps put directly on the child's chest and under the poncho.  Child stays warm and safe and it's so much easier to put on for going in and out of the car!


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