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I'm excited to have a few of these fabrics on hand!  Since they are a specialty fabric, I am charging an added $5/sling.  Available while supplies last!  

Click on the small picture to see more detail!
(If you right click, you can open them in a new window).

Want to order a sling?

These fabrics are 100% Organic Cotton.
(I already use renewable Bamboo Batting in the shoulder padding!) 
Solids are the hardest to "show" in a picture, so feel free to ask

Orange Cotton.JPG (4576 bytes)    Lime Organic Cotton.JPG (5046 bytes)    Dark Navy Organic Cotton.JPG (5488 bytes)    Beige and Cream Stripes Organic Cotton.JPG (12283 bytes)    Deep Red Organic Cotton.JPG (3887 bytes)

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