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Snap 2 Wrap Towels
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Only $25

Towel features  Contact Erin to order.

The Towel that CHANGES with your child!  An extra special gift that lasts for years!  See the Snap 2 Wrap Towel Page for more details.:

Here are the ones I have on hand and can mail out immediately:  TO BE UPDATED WITH MANY STYLES!


Hooded Towels

Add some FUN to your bath time!  Ribbon accents are added to this soft and fluffy towel and sewn on hood.  
Comes with a matching washcloth to complete the set. 
Kids will love to pretend it's their superhero cape!

              Hooded Towel Set $20

           I have three purple Hooded Towels made up without ribbons added, but future ones will have ribbon accents.
Get this deal while it lasts!

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Contact Erin to order.


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