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***I will do my best to keep up with the site, but these are going fast!**
Just $60 $9 shipping in the US
No more struggling with zippers, mittens and boots!

Contact Erin to order one of these or ask about another pattern/size.
Here's a breakdown of what the pictures show:
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Stained Glass and Royal Body resized.JPG (32186 bytes)Stained Glass and Royal Body Back resized.JPG (19865 bytes)Stained Glass and Royal Blanket resized.JPG (27331 bytes)

Small (0-6 mo.): 

Medium (6-12 mo.):
  DSCF4793 resized.JPG (34830 bytes)    DSCF4787 resized.JPG (35207 bytes)



Large (12-24 mo.):



Slings, Towels, Car Seat Coats, and More!