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Halloween/Dress Up

Perfect Products for Perfect Prices

Hannah with Toto.JPG (36125 bytes)

I've come up with some ideas for Halloween costumes that incorporate a sling.  Have another idea?  Let me know what you are thinking of and I'd love to help make your idea work!

(The sling could make the outfit or be the outfit, depending on the age of your child).

Click on the small picture to see more detail!
(If you right click, you can open them in a new window).

Want to order a sling?

I've described them as best as I can: cotton, polyester (poly), and blend (polyester and cotton).

Adult as Zoo Keeper and child as Elephant: Gray with reptile print.JPG (21221 bytes)

Adult and child in a Hawaiian themeblack and white Hawaiian flowers.JPG (14327 bytes)  Yellow Hawaiian.JPG (10079 bytes)

Sling as Baseball Player or child as a Baseball Glove blue pin stripes.JPG (11178 bytes)  DSC08418 Brown Stretchy Poly.JPG (10923 bytes)

Camouflage--so many options!   (child dressed as a Bird, a Deer, a Moose..., adult as a Hunter, a Keeper, a Tree or you could always go with the SoldierDSC05854 2.JPG (9372 bytes)   green camo..JPG (10222 bytes)   DSC05663 2.JPG (12086 bytes)

Adult as a Cowgirl/boy, Cow, or Herding Dog.  Child as a Cow or with a "Got Milk?" shirt  DSC00440 Cow Cotton.JPG (9973 bytes)

Accent for a Farmer or a Scarecrow (Child and Adult in overalls) DSC06703 2.JPG (17924 bytes)  DSC06704 2.JPG (15825 bytes) DSC06706 2.JPG (16750 bytes)

Adult as a Tree, Child as a Bird or in brown as a Tree DSC06460 2.JPG (11348 bytes)

Mom as a Bride in a wedding dress and Child is a Bouquet of Flowers DSC06456 2.JPG (12020 bytes)

Adult as a Fisherman, Child as a Fish in a Net DSC03222 2.JPG (18053 bytes)

Adult as a Cowgirl/boy, Child as a Horse in a Brown Saddle Brown Cotton.JPG (6096 bytes)

Adult as a Alligator Wrangler, Child as the Alligator Olive Reptile 2.JPG (12950 bytes)

Adult and Child in Black, the sling makes them a Ladybug Ladybug with Black.JPG (12511 bytes)

Adult and Child as Clowns, the sling can accent  Polka Dots with Blue.JPG (17215 bytes)   Polka Dots with Red.JPG (17391 bytes)

Dress like a Peacock Peacock with Purple.JPG (15997 bytes)  Peacock with Aqua.JPG (15838 bytes)




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