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Doula & Lactation

I love helping babies come into the world in a supportive and loving environment.  
I have been a doula for 6 yrs. and love it!

I am a DONA trained Birth Doula.  I am also a Lactation Counselor.
Just call 218-779-9984 or write me to discuss having a doula to support you at your next birth!

Here is a slideshow of birth pictures that were taken by my friend Erin Phillips of www.SoulshinePhoto.com  She did a wonderful job capturing the feelings and emotions of our homebirth.  No warnings here...the pictures are beautiful and appropriate for anyone to see.
Soulshine Photography logo

I also invite you to view these two picture montages.  The first was created by my good friend Christine when her son was turning one.  I took most of the pictures included in the slideshow.  The second is a compilation of pictures from many of the pregnancies and births that I have been blessed to be a part of.  Enjoy!


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