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There are more added all of the time!  Just click on the small picture to see more detail!
(If you right click, you can open them in a new window).

The Combination fabrics usually have the pattern on the outside and the solid color on the inside, but I do enjoy mixing it up a little!

Want to order a sling?

It's hard to find two materials with the same amount of stretch, so most of these do not have any stretch.  These won't work well for Twin Etc. Slings because the extra width makes them too hard to adjust (unless you want each tail a different color).

Do you see fabrics from the other pages that you think would work together?  I can check to see if they match!

dark red with blocks and flowers.JPG (18308 bytes)     cream with blocks and flowers.JPG (18864 bytes)     DSC08408 Maroon and olive floral cotton.JPG (24086 bytes)      Roses and Black.JPG (14775 bytes)     Butterflies with Red.JPG (11315 bytes)

DSC08424 Black & Maroon with Black Flowers Poly Little stretch.JPG (13099 bytes)    Red checkered with red Cotton.JPG (10155 bytes)    Licenses with Red.JPG (17992 bytes)    Black and Reds Flowers Cotton.JPG (26951 bytes)    

Gold with Flowers and Maroon.JPG (15588 bytes)      Multicolor Stripes with Maroon Cotton.JPG (13829 bytes)     Navy with Maroon and Flowers Cotton.JPG (33750 bytes)    Multicolor Stripes with Yellow Cotton.JPG (12624 bytes)     

Orange with Green Leaves with Green Cotton.JPG (6504 bytes)     Black with Orange Flowers Cotton.JPG (25155 bytes)    Green with rainbow embroidered stripes with royal blue Cotton.JPG (13883 bytes)     DSC00628 resized.JPG (11093 bytes)

 Orange Flowers with blue.JPG (15152 bytes)    Butterflies with Turquoise.JPG (10444 bytes)    Licenses with Blue.JPG (16983 bytes)   

Aqua with aqua and green stripes Cotton.JPG (9517 bytes)    Blue with flowers with Navy Cotton.JPG (9622 bytes)    blue with white and blue flowers on red.JPG (13451 bytes)    DSC08402 Purple and Turquoise with dots.JPG (13090 bytes)   

DSC00634 resized.JPG (15796 bytes)    DSC00621 resized.JPG (16551 bytes)    Black graphiti with black cotton.JPG (15139 bytes)    Silver and Silver Flowers.JPG (27301 bytes)    Black wtih Black and Silver Flowers Cotton and Poly.JPG (31176 bytes)



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