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Car Seat Coats

The EASY and SAFE way to keep your child WARM!


No more struggling with zippers, mittens or boots!  

The Car Seat Coat is the parent's answer to winter weather!


Approved by Car Seat Safety Technicians.


Quick and easy to take on and off.


Can be used safely in a car seat, sling, stroller, or shopping cart.


Two layers of cuddly fleece in a variety of patterns and colors.


Sizes to fit 0-24 months.


Unique design allows car seat straps to fit snugly.  See Safety Info.


Allows you to carry your baby---not your car seat!

Buy yours today for only $60!  

Questions or want to order?  Check out the In Stock page or write Erin.

Want to see more details?  Check out the Car Seat Coat Features!

Want to see the patterns available?  Check out the Car Seat Coat Fabrics!

Want to see the Car Seat Coat in action?  Check out the Videos and Pictures!

Want to see about coat and car seat safety?  Check out the Safety Information!

No more struggling with blankets that fall off, snowsuits that aren't safe, and coats that don't keep their legs warm.  The Car Seat Coat has it all!

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