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Coat Videos and Pictures

The  SAFE and EASY way to keep your child WARM!

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See videos of how it works:
(the links will direct you to videos on YouTube--right click to open in a new window)

Putting a Baby in the Car Seat Coat & Baby Carrier (4 mo. old baby in 0-6 mo. size coat)
Putting an Older Child in the Car Seat Coat (8 month old baby in a 12-24 month size coat)  
Car Seat Coat Options and Features (see the snaps, elastic, and ease of putting arms in & out)
Car Seat Coat Buckling Options (buckle under the blanket if the door must be open)

Questions or want to order?  Write Erin.
See the Fabrics and Features and Safety Information.

See the Photo Gallery of happy customers!
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Questions or ready to order?  Write Erin. 

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