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Coat Fabrics

The SAFE and EASY way to keep your child WARM!

The Car Seat Coat is just $60 (Priority shipping is $9 in the U.S.)

Available in 3 sizes: Small 0-6 mo. Med. 6-12 mo. Large12-24 mo.
  Email Erin to order.

*I've added a whole bunch of coats to the In Stock page!  Get yours before they're gone!* 
(Custom orders may still be possible, Email Erin to check.)

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 The Printed fabric makes up: the arm, leg and head cuffs and the center part of the blanket.  
The Solid Fabric makes up the: back, the inside, and the sides and back of the blanket.  

These prints are already made up into coats.  
See the In Stock page or write me with any questions! 

(Right click to see the picture larger.)

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zebra stripes.JPG (20554 bytes)      Baby Girl on Pink.JPG (8735 bytes)      Bees on Pink.JPG (13930 bytes)      Elephants on Turquoise.JPG (12995 bytes)  

Flowers and Bees on Blue.JPG (14962 bytes)      Cowboys and Horses.JPG (14377 bytes)      Lions on Turquoise.JPG (13663 bytes)      Looks like Stars Design.JPG (15166 bytes)  

Rainbow Stained Glass.JPG (16327 bytes)      Vehicles on Navy Blue.JPG (14289 bytes)     Snowflakes 2.JPG (12904 bytes)

Camo..JPG (15256 bytes)      DSCF2211 Yellow and Mauve swirls.JPG (10523 bytes)      Vehicles on Royal Blue.JPG (16463 bytes)      Animal Print.JPG (17948 bytes)

              Questions or want to order?  Write Erin.


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