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Coat Features

The SAFE and EASY way to keep your child WARM!

Created closely with Car Seat Safety Technicians, the Car Seat Coat offers a safe and easy option for protection from winter weather.  The open chest design, a removable inner layer, the variety of snapping options of the blanket, and many other features make this coat greatly appreciated by grandparents, parents and kids alike!

Available in 3 sizes: Small 0-6mo., Med. 6-12mo., and Large 12-24mo.
See the In Stock or email Erin to Order.
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2 layers of cuddly fleece, in fun patterns (see fabrics)


Blanket attaches to the hood for easy protection from cold and wind 


Open belly allows car seat straps to fit snugly and safely


Inner layer that easily snaps in/out--can use just one layer in fall/spring


Elastic at cuffs allow stretch and strength even with repeated use


Can slip arms in and out while buckled to keep from overheating


Blanket keeps child warm during buckling even if car door is open 


Made up of two main parts: the Body and Blanket (see below)

Take a closer look at the Car Seat Coat's unique features:

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The Body

             ~Extremities slip easily into the cuffs--no zippers, buckles, or velcro!
                ~Easy to "free" hands for playing and to keep from overheating
             ~Keeps head, arms and legs warm but has an open belly to reduce bulk
             ~No need to feed car seat straps through slits--just buckle child in as usual
             ~Can be used alone or with blanket attached
             ~Hood keeps head and neck warm b/c it's connected to the body
             ~Hood fastens easily to the blanket with snaps

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The Blanket

               ~Goes over the car seat straps--not under!
               ~Snaps onto the hood--corresponding colored snaps make it easy!
               ~Big enough to cover the open belly and even wrap around the sides for complete coverage
               ~Can be flipped back over the car seat or taken off if not needed 
               ~Can be used to cover the face when going in/out of the cold (unsnap to expose the face)
               ~Will not blow away or drop when you're walking!
               ~Elastic holds the blanket on the hood, even if there's no time to snap it
               ~Can be worn backwards as an extra blanket when using in a sling or front carrier
               ~Can be used alone as a blanket or changing pad

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