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Ring Sling Pooch

DSC01463 resized.JPG (37508 bytes)    Lizzy in Pooch Pouch.JPG (36126 bytes)        Jasmine in Pooch Pouch.JPG (50331 bytes)    DSC01468 resized.JPG (47402 bytes)

You treat them like family, you carry them everywhere you go, they want to be close to you----treat yourself to a sling!

The same great design that works for carrying children can now help you keep your pet close at hand!


Check out the Sling Instruction Videos!

This sling combines all the great features of ring slings with the security and ease of a pouch.  It allows you to hold your beloved pet while being able to use your hands!  See how it works by checking the features.

bulletSlight padding in the shoulder makes it comfortable without being bulky
bulletPouch-takes up slack in the front and back rails requiring less adjusting to get pet secure
bulletOpen tail for using as a cover up
bulletCan be unthreaded and used as a blanket
bulletThe Perfect Pet Pocket makes it so convenient

Ordering is easy!  Choose your fabric from below and go to the order page!  
I do have some on the In Stock page already completed! 

Check out the Slinging Pictures!

You can also write Erin with any questions.

Most sling fabrics will work for an animal sling, but I do have a few specialty fabrics to choose from:

DSC08023 newsprint.JPG (14497 bytes)    Black with Tropical motifs Blend Little Stretch.JPG (14725 bytes)   Cats with Aqua.JPG (10742 bytes)   Cats with Pink.JPG (11232 bytes)   Dogs with Blue.JPG (9857 bytes)   Dogs with Pink.JPG (9640 bytes)

as well as these fabrics:

bulletWater Sling Fabrics                   
bulletSpecial Occasion



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