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Ring Sling Pooch Features

Perfect Products for Perfect Prices

Here are the main features of the Ring Sling Pooch--a sling for your animal!

Here's what the sling looks like:


One shoulder holds: put them in how they like to be carried and enjoy using your hands!

DSC05205 2.JPG (23300 bytes)



A wide tail: 20"-30" can be used as a blanket, to shield your pet from the sun, and contains the Perfect Pocket.

DSC02275 2.JPG (18456 bytes)

bulletPerfect Pet Pockets: the pocket is split in half.  Half closes with a zipper and the other half is an open pocket with a velcro closure.  You can use the pockets for just about anything--treats, a water bottle, and even a bag for picking up after your little fur ball.

DSC00268.JPG (9890 bytes)    DSC00269.JPG (16361 bytes)    DSC00271.JPG (15399 bytes)

Light shoulder padding and durable nylon rings: makes it comfortable and sturdy

DSC05206 2.JPG (31534 bytes)


Pouch: takes up slack in the front and back rails making it easier to keep your pet snug and safe.  If you fold the tail, it makes a curve (a regular tail would make a straight fold).

    DSC05440 2.JPG (22858 bytes)   DSC02281 2.JPG (25752 bytes)   DSC05439 2.JPG (25129 bytes)



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