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Babywearing just makes sense! It meets your child’s needs while allowing you to get things done.
Wearing children in slings is even good for their development!

     Etc. Sling        Twin Etc. Sling         Water Slings      

     Etc. Sling newborn hold 1 week old.JPG (20425 bytes)             Twin Sling 1.JPG (96917 bytes)             DSC05328 cropped.JPG (95417 bytes)     

Ring Sling Pouch
        Kid's Slings         Animal Slings
DSC05511.JPG (1414326 bytes)             Isaiah wearing sling cropped resized.JPG (55620 bytes)             Itty Bit in the sling.JPG (19211 bytes)  

Wondering if you need a Water Sling?  You do if this Baby Blues cartoon sounds familiar!

Check out the Sling Instruction Videos!

Check out the Sling Instruction Sheets!

Why choose my slings? 

bulletfabrics from fun to fancy, satin to flannel--check out the many Sling Fabrics
bulletmatching slings for adults and kids-available in many fabrics
bulletsizes XS to XXL available with most fabrics (shirt size is helpful when determining size needed for adult slings)
bulletjust click to Order
bulletonly "made for slings" nylon rings are used 
bulletyou will get a good fit from newborn- 4 years of age
bulletFun Features make your sling an original!
bulletthe open tail can be used as a cover-up while nursing or if baby is sleeping
bulletyou can unthread the tails and use as a blanket, diaper changing pad, etc.
bulletcheck out the Slinging Pictures to see the slings put to good use--yours could be there too!
bulletif you have questions, check out the FAQ.  Feel free to email Erin or call 218-779-9984 if you have other questions.
bulletCheck out the In Stock page for sling ready to send!

It's easy to order a sling!  Just click on the order page and copy and paste the form in an email.

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